About Us

An expert said a great word that if we do not do what we like, we have to love what we are doing. It has always been mentioned that necessity is the mother of inventions, or it is the history's force in moving towards the perfection, but in our opinion, a much stronger force than necessity is also granted to the human nature, and it is the great and powerful human force in desire for the creation and creativity. The human is a creature from any perspective. A desire, which is in the human essence for creation, is stronger and more intense than any erotic and religious force.

We are grateful to God, who awakened this constructive desire in us before moving towards the ultimate perfection, and urged us to spend everything, which we have from the financial and experimental resources and sciences, in creating a product even in a small form.

This company started its initial activities in the field of producing static and dynamic mixers in 2010 and stepped towards completing the experience and knowledge in various fields of design, construction and sales.

An introduction of a new class of industrial products in terms of quality and price is a change that has happened in the industry over the past decade. Companies, which seek the best quality and longest life, visit the Western European countries, the United States and Japan, but companies, which are only seeking for cheap prices at any quality, look for Chinese products. In the past decade, countries such as Taiwan, Turkey, and Malaysia have been able to provide a completely different level of products which have good quality and reasonable prices.

The general policy of this company has been based on the production of suitable products at reasonable prices, and it has focused all its efforts on this aim.

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