Industrial Mixers




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These mixers are designed for light functions and for 100-1000 L of mass. Since these mixers enjoy a strong design in bearings system and very strong alloy steel (VCN150) has been used in shaft holder, it can work 24 hours of the day. The intelligent design of FRM series involves a moderate price and is suitable for easy implementation in processes such as solving, heat transfer, temperature homogenization, mixing liquid phases, as well as producing light suspensions. If this mixer is used for very corrosive and oxidant fluids, it is affordable to order ETFE and PE coatings with moderate price. Two types of coupling are connected to the structure included in these mixers. For fixed and unchanged mixers, flange connection is recommended. For preventing the formation of a vortex in flange connection mixers, baffled tanks should be used or mixer shaft should be installed off center. In cases where the mixer should be replaced or there is not a specific structure to be installed, clamp connection is recommended. Clamp connection creates a 20° gle that prevents the formation ofa vortex.

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